CCTV Surveillance



Triple Threat Security provide high tech CCTV packages to suit the needs of either your home or your commercial property. With alarm triggers sent to a 24/7 -  365 day monitoring service location or the option of self monitoring, you can rest assured your properties will be protected. 

We are aware that not all areas of your business have a power supply, therefore here at Triple Threat Security we can supply you with enhanced surveillance cameras which will run without mains power


Our team of highly skilled professionals will install your CCTV package at your chosen location.


Our Enhanced surveillance systems include the following features; 

- Static Cameras 

- PTZ Cameras - Pan Tilt Zoom

- Wifi 

- 3G/4G  

- power options: 110v 230v or Fuel cell 

- Auto Tour 

- Pre Set Points of Monitoring 

- IR / thermal 

- white light    


Please contact us if you would like to discuss a bespoke CCTV package that's perfect for you.


Please contact us for prices on CCTV Surveillance 

Current Applications

Utility Sub Stations , Nuclear Power Stations , Building Sites, Waste recycling sites and Rail compounds