Security Consultancy



Triple Threat Security can provide you with security consultants that have first hand knowledge of personal or commercial security needs. All our consultant's have an extensive reputation / and Knowledge of the industry built up over the years and with their attention to detail you can rest assured that with Triple Threat Security Consultancy that all areas will be covered.

Consultancy Scope

Our consultants will set up a business meeting with yourself or your client in an location that is suitable for you.

Our consultants will provide you with bespoke, unbiased professional advice. 

Once the consultant has understood your needs / Budget the consultant will visit the location where security services are to be provided, they will carry out both a risk and security assessment, as well as gathering intelligence on the local area, crime rates and any information of importance to your security needs.

After the assessment has been carried out the consultant will again meet with the client with a full summary of findings, equipment and packages they feel will suit your needs and a full Security risk assessment to evidence their findings.

After the full agreement has been made and a deployment date given, the consultant will tirelessly ensure that all the needs of the client are met by the given date and all security equipment and packages are in place and operational.

Consultancy Care

Our Consultants will keep in contact with their clients to ensure everything is running smoothly and as the clients want, if there any changes or additions to be added the consultant will happily apply his or herself to their clients needs.


Please contact Triple Threat Security stating that you require our consultancy service to discuss pricing.